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      johnny salas

      Let’s talk about them. I love them. I’ve been listening to them for about ten years now. The come and go and some are great and then suck and some just rule forever. I’m in a bit of rut right now, I’d appreciate some suggestions! I’ll drop some too.

      Comedy podcasts are a dime a fucking hundred these days. Comedy podcasts are kind of responsible for the podcast boom we’re in. Comedy grabbed onto the medium and pushed it hard and fast. i don’t really dig any of them anymore, but one. The only one. THE BEST SHOW. Three hours of Mirth, Music and Mayhem. It’s first and foremost a live radio show and then the next day is a podcast. It’s been going since 1999. Since Clinton was in office. It was originally on a freeform radio station in NJ, WFMU, but in 2014 went independent. It’s now a internet radio show/podcast. Live from 9p-12a EST every Tuesday night. It’s a call in show with scripted comedy bits too. The live call-in aspect puts it above every comedy podcast ever. All these comedy podacasts are four dudes talking shit and running out of steam after 45 minutes. Tom holds the show for three hours, mainly by himself, every week. Its kind of hard to explain the thing in whole and I could go on forever. It’s one of the only things in life that brings me pure pure pure joy. Also, every show since 1999 is archived and available for free. It’s a treasure trove of joy.


      This one is newer and recently finished it’s second season. It’s created by prisoners in San Quentin State Prison in CA. Two of the inmates make it and one co-hosts it with a artist from the Bay. The record it, edit it, sound design it in the media lab in San Quentin. Every episode has a different topic and they interview prisoners for it. It’s a fascinating, heartbreaking and often funny listen.


      The LPV Show
      This one is rad for photographers/photo fans. It’s done and gone now, but the archive is a rad listen. It’s hosted by Bryan Forhhals who is a photographer himself and online photo curator dude who has been around for a while. Each episode features a photographer and photo books. The first half of the show is an interview with photographers. They talk about their projects/books/zines. In the second half the photographer brings out some of their favorite books/zines and they discuss them. They had people huge and legendary (Ken Schles, Susan Meiselas) to at least one person whose been in H. Eyes (Jason Jaworski, a real killer episode).


      Out of the Blocks
      This is a audio-documentary that goes block by block through Baltimore and interviews people on the street about their street and neighborhood. Real rad stuff.


      I could go on forever. I’ll stop now.

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      awesome!! thanks for this, looks like i have my whole week booked between this and the docs.

      bryan formhals is awesome, he has had photos in hamburger eyes. i havent paid attention and didn’t know his show is over! it was really good.

      and all my friends in sf can’t stop talking about ear hustle. it is time i checked it out.

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      loving the Kodakery man, thanks for sharing these…

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      johnny salas

      Checking out Kodakery right now. Lining up those Sean Price Williams and Ed Lachman episodes.

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      Clark Allen

      I wish there was a good way I could summarize this show. It is basically these three deep homies who are all super well read talking about anything from politics to social movements to art to philosophy to whatever, but somehow they are not pretentious or obnoxiously academic about it. They seem genuinely sincere and are pretty funny to boot. I dunno.

      I would recommend starting with episode 17, The Cave, because I really like that one, or just whatever the newest one is since it is often pretty topical.

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      radiomisterioso.com — ufos and all sorts of anomalous stuff. It’s been one of my favorites for the last several years

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      johnny salas

      Gonna check out both of those

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