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      Tim Daley

      Just wondering what people are doing after the shot has been taken.
      – If you are shooting digital what program are you editing in?
      – Shooting film what are you using to scan with?
      – Are you printing yourself or using labs or websites for prints?

      For my self

      Digital – Capture One 10 and Photoshop CS5

      Film – I use a Microtek ArtixScan 120Tf but needs to be run on an old apple laptop that runs Panther for me to use Silverfast Scanning Software. It’s old but scans well. 35mm to 6X9.

      Print – I use Magcloud for small books, AdoramaPix in NYC for prints.

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      I’ll run everything through lightroom, if anything for cataloguing my work.

      When shooting film I’ll develop my own black and white, send c41 to a lab but I do all my own scanning on an Epson V750.

      I’ve been meaning to ask someone who uses it how they find silvermax, and is the improvement that vast over the default Epson software?

      For prints I use a lab in Manchester called DSCL.

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      excellent topic! i am always curious about other people’s recipes etc.

      when i shot film:
      – tmax 400 in tmax developer
      – trix 400 in d76 or rodinal
      – epson flatbed scanner or plustek optima film scanner
      – SILVERFAST! love this software
      – photoshop

      – adobe bridge
      – adobe camera raw
      – photoshop

      how are you guys converting your digital black and white? i do most of it in adobe camera raw, and then dodging and burning in photoshop. i have been adding grain in acr when the file is huge. i assume it will look good when resizing for web, print, etc. but it doesnt. my friend says you have to add the grain after the resize, so plan ahead and add it per instance. what do you think?

      i havent used alienskin or silverfx or anything. can you guys recommend something?

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      Throw my photos in Lightroom, adjust highlights and blacks if needed, drop into silver Efex pro, add my tri-x or Agfa conversion that’s already been edited for my liking. Ray definitely check out silver Efex pro. Super simple!

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      for printing i am very loose. xerox prints plus i had a canon pro 10 inkjet printer and made a lot of 11x14s off it. and even more 5x7s. sold it though. ink too expensive.

      for exhibitions i do editions of digital c-prints. either local lab or a spot called el-co, online.

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      tom ok i will! i like how your photos come out. do you convert it to black and white in lightroom before you drop it in silver efex?

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      Thanks man. Nope I just import into silver fx And it does the conversion over to BW. Then all your editing options are on the right hand side.

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      ok word, imma check it out

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      johnny salas

      -Trix @ 100-1600
      -Develop in D76
      -Scan with Epson V550 with the default software
      – Clean up dust and adjust brightness/contrast in Photoshop
      I print at a local shop, Tempe Camera.

      I’m definitely gonna check out Silverfast. It looks so much better than the Epson software. And I need to get into Lightroom. My stuff is organized like shit.

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      Tim Daley

      I love Silverfast and have been using it for as long as I have had this scanner. The problem for me is this scanner has been discontinued so Silverfast no longer updates it. I tried a few other programs but it seems to never be as sharp as I get it with Silverfast.
      I also have a glass carrier for this scanner that gives me the ability to scan a general area size but also gives me the sharpest output. It has been used a lot so I need to look into getting new glass.

      I scan everything as a 100mb file RGB which usually gives me 16X20 image. Then I use Photoshop to convert it over to Black and White.

      Going to look into Silver FX.

      Thanks to everybody for sharing!

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      • Digital:

      SD Card > Finder (Folder by Year/Week) > Lightroom (Homebrewed BW filter) > Indesign (or) Instagram (or) Print

      • Film:

      Epson V600 > Image Capture > Finder (Folder by Year/Week) > Lightroom > Indesign (or) Instagram (or) Print

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      Tim Daley

      Chris thanks for adding your file management part. I do Year/Month, but my film I try to keep by contact sheet but ends up in a year/Month folder. This is all spread over 3-4 Hard Drives. I’m glad drives are becoming cheaper.

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      Royce Stevenson

      Digital – Lightroom

      Film –
      Kentmere 400 or Ilford HP5 @ 400-1600
      HC-110, B dilution
      Epson v550

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      I almost exclusively shoot film (apart from some celly pics of course) and 90% of it is HP5 at boxspeed – used to push it to 1600 and beyond but kinda started digging the grey tones more and more. Always dev‘ing in HC-110 Dil. H and scanning with an old-ass Canoscan 8800f a buddy gave me.

      Printing wise I print 8×10 of all shots I like on my Epson inkjet printer for archival purposes; when working on zines and stuff, I’m using cheap xeroxed 4x6s to make pairings and stuff.

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