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      anyone here mess with micro 43rds? im about to get a setup.

      most likely panasonic gx85. i have held it, seen files, and i think i am ready to pull the trigger.

      here’s my thinking, sonys too expensive. plus i already have nikon full frame setup for freelance jobs. fujis plus lenses are not that much cheaper.

      m43 is way cheaper and tons of lenses. almost pocketable.

      what do you think?

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      If you only had one camera and you do a lot of video (m43 video quality is nice!) I think it’s an interesting option. But for someone primarily interested in stills with several cameras I find it to be too much of an in between solution – it’s not as small and compact as a true point and shoot and it’s not capable of the same IQ / robustness of your Nikon. Unless you find the handling etc. of one to be unbelievably tailored to your needs / hands then I would recommend saving your cash – the main issue I think you’ve already pointed out – it’s _almost_ pocketable so you’re still caught with something hanging around your neck and if you’re already out the door on that route I’d just grab the Nikon and spend the cash on a Voigtlander pancake lens to make your existing package smaller and lighter. From what I’ve seen you’re a wide angle guy, they have the 20mm f/3.5 Skopar which is about the most compact lens in that FOV ever made for an SLR and can be had for under $500 in mint condition on eBay.

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      yeah my friend has that skopar, so nice. i already have the old nikon 20mm its great.

      but a couple more things i been thinking about. i said in a another post that the logic on multiple film set ups, for me , doesn’t directly translate in digital setups.

      for example in my film setups, i have a nikon body for almost every occasion. beach, travel, commercial work. etc.

      but in digital full frame, i just have 1 choice and its an expensive choice to bring to the beach.

      and now that my phone is pretty much my side arm, a weak side arm, i think i need an uzi or shotgun while my nikon is more like long range rifle.

      i dont mind having something around neck, i just want it to have a viewfinder, be light weight, and cheap enough for me to replace it if i drop it riding my bike or something dumb.

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        I totally get what you’re thinking and it sounds like you’ve already made up your mind. Buy the uzi and spray with it! Can’t wait to see the results :)

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      haha yep, im getting it and will def post some pics!

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      Ray, hear me out… this might be a bit long but ill do my best to keep it short and stay on point with this one…

      I moved from a 5dmkii to the very first fuji x100 back in 2011 (my move to mirrorless in general, and never ever went back to dslr). The thing was snail slow… sold it. Then moved to an olympus epl2 and then the omd em5. By then I was already in the m43 camp (and loved it). Sony at the time had nothing much. Fuji then switched to the xtrans sensor (which I absolutely hated). M43 was the only mirrorless (and some would argue still is, except that sony did an excellent job catching up) that had the speed of a dslr which at times was even faster than dslrs. Which made them great for ‘street’ and/or ‘wildlife’ photography. anyhow.

      The achilles heel of m43 is the sensor, not just because of the DOF differences with FF (the fastest DOF equivalence you’ll get in m43 is an f2.8 in FF terms), but the resolution for printing (which matters me most).

      I know you print mostly small (the HE magazine, your zines, and basically anything smaller than A2 size (16.5 x 23.4 in)) but be mindful that the resolution also drops depending on how you shoot. 16 megapixels in m43 is not necessarily 16 in other sensors. Why? well, the 16 is, only if you keep/use your photos in an 4:3 aspect. I know most of us shoot with film or full frame or apsc sensors, which they have a 3:2 aspect, so when you ‘crop’ the 4:3 down to a 3:2 aspect (which I do, to keep consistency through my work) then the 16 megapixel sensor becomes roughly a 13/14ish sensor, which limits the resolution (again) for printing.

      This is all bullshit if you dont care about printing, and only will share photos online, but I know most of us here, do print their work.

      I was VERY happy with the printed work I got from the m43 sensor. You have seen it in HE, and there’s hardly any difference with bigger sensor photos.

      NOW, there has been a trend in mirrorless that EVERYTHING has to be f1.4 and cameras should have ‘better grips’ meaning, all systems are growing bigger and bigger (physically), which was one of the main/key advantages and reasons to move over from the DSLR counterparts.

      In saying that, I was seriously considering the Panasonic GX9 over my GX85 (which I sold) for my carry everyday camera, but the price was too high in comparison to the sony A6xxx series which their bodies are now (physically) smaller than even M43 bodies (smaller than the GX85) and have a 24mb sensor (ideal for me). So I bought an A6300 with a sigma 30mm f1.4 (eq. 45mm f2 – FF terms) and LOOOVED it, but then the lens was big, so brought me back to m43.

      I still think m43 has a place and its a great system only until sony decides to develop a real series of lenses for their A6xxx series. which it seems they wont (they are focused on cramming up to coffee machines on their a7 series)… in saying so, photokina is around the corner and that should bring whatever the latest and greatest for most gear collectors, so that should drive the price down of current cameras a bit more.

      That’s all to say that the GX85 is a beautiful, simple, and snappy camera, but I think the GX9 is a better option for the extra bit of resolution. That an the 20mm pancake lens is a dream camera or the olympus 17mm (but will make the overall package a bit bigger.

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      haha you sold me even more on it. i’m gonna get it with the 20mm and the 14mm.

      i never thought about the resolution crop! i always crop to 2:3 for prints. but for zines and stuff its more like 5:7. makes sense what you said about losing so much in that crop. but you know what, i have slowly over the past few years gone down in print size. i don’t need to make 30×40 inch prints any more. if i do it will be xerox.

      i think the biggest size i would go right now if someone pointed a gun at me and said, “i’ll buy some photos from you and hang them in my museum, what size prints?” i would say 11×14.

      it’s for another topic but i decided hanging photos on walls isn’t as fun for me as printing photos in zines, magazines, and books. i can probably re-phrase that for the modern photographer entreprenuer and say that selling framed photos on walls is 100 x harder than selling books.

      and i know what you mean about m43 bodies getting bigger. the gx8 seemed huge, which is why they made the gx85 in the first place. the em1 series seems too big for me too. the biggest i would go would be em5 but they are in need of an update on that one.

      i played with the sony a6000 series, yeah lenses seemed bulky and not much selection.

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      Yeah the problem with the sony A6xxx cameras is when it comes to lenses. little selection and the few available are either slow or big.

      Samyang just released a 24 f2.8 pancake lens for Sony. Thing is tiny small (GREAT), it would make an a6xxx cam, ‘jacket pocketable’ but then again is 2.8 which means it becomes f4.2 if you’d want/would like to separate the subject a bit from your background. In that case, the olympus 17 or panasonic 20mm still will have an edge over the samyang. But you win in resolution (cropping/printing/etc) over the m43.

      Yeah, the EM1 and GX8 are bigger than the Sony A7 series which (personally) is the biggest I would go for any 35mm camera. I wouldn’t go there. the current EPL series of cameras from Olympus seem very snappy as well. But then I believe the GX85 is ‘cheaper’.

      I see what you mean about selling prints vs books. I still got a massive stack of a fine screenprint I did vs I sold out from the zine that went with it (part of the same project).

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