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johnny salas

This is what I have with me right now in Mexico.
– Canonet QL17 G3 with flash. This is my main camera and has been for years. I don’t see people talking about it often, but its a solid cheap range finder.
– A couple Stylus and a XA2 with a broken flash.
– Sony VX2000 DV camera
– My developing kit
All this stuff is from Goodwill/Craigslist. I should probably get some more reliable stuff. I left my Texas Leica back in the states. It’s the nicest piece of gear I own. I also left my Olympus OM1 my grandfather gave me. He used to do astrophotgraphy with it attached to a telescope. I use it for occasional portrait stuff with a 28mm lens. Half my developing stuff was his too.
I found one tiny Fuji store in a mall that has like five rolls of Acros 100 at a time. I have a bunch of expired TMax 100 I bought off Craigslist that looks pretty meh. I don’t want to use it, but I’m gonna have to. I’m waiting on a B and H order to make its way down here. A bag of D76 from Amazon MX or Mercado Libre is like 30 USD. I didn’t have the money to stock up before I left the states. Pretty stressed about it all.