Sep 23 2022


The camera straps are back. They have been upgraded and re-designed a little bit, they are lighter and faster and will make you take better photos.

Every time I buy a new camera, I want to put a new strap on it. And chill ones are impossible to find, so we are making them. Again.

We have some new styles too. We have the original flat strap with hooks and a new version with loops connectors. We also have the paracord point n shoot strap along with matching wrist straps in 2 colors.

Sep 09 2022

Back Issues

Hamburger Eyes No. 06 – 2003

Found some extra copies of some back issues in storage. These are in brand newish condish and they are now listed in our online store.


These early issues were off set printed, took a whole year to make, and sparked this wild ride we are still on.

All that being said, they should be special enough as is. But in 2010 I dropped the hard drive. It had everything we had ever made up to that point on it and I broke it. I wasn’t able to recover anything. Even if we wanted to remake these issues, we couldn’t. It would be impossible.

Complete your collection, this is the last of it.

Hamburger Eyes No. 08 – 2004

Hamburger Eyes No. 09 – 2005

Hamburger Eyes No. 11 – 2007

Hamburger Eyes No. 13 – 2009


Aug 26 2022

Issue No. 53

It’s here! The new issue of Hamburger Eyes. If you pre-ordered, your package will go out ASAP (includes your free gift)(it’s a pen)(it’s magnificent and translucent and teal colored). If you didn’t pre-order, know that this issue came out awesome and that it comes packaged with a free pen (while supplies last). Thus, your excellence shall be advised towards thy path of purchase for it is prophesied to be yee path of honor.

Check it out.

The Continuing Story of Life on Earth

Reuben Radding
Phoenix Kanada
Jason Hendardy
Edoardo De Angelis
Wojciech Karlinski
LB Wales IV
Jeff Welk
David Catalano

100 Pages
6.69″ x 9.61″
Perfect Bind
80# cover/text
Published by Hamburger Eyes


Aug 25 2022

Free Pens

If you pre-ordered the upcoming issue you probably saw that your order will be packaged with a gift. This pen is the gift! It’s teal, it’s cool looking, and it’s my new fave. While almost the entire batch of them are going out with pre-orders, there will be some left over. Whatever is left over will ship with any zine or book order from our store whether you want it or not (while supplies last)(not gonna last that long). Fyi.