Photo by Ray Potes

You ever get a message that starts off saying, “I’m disappointed that..”? I have actually received this type of email more than once referring to the type of photography we are publishing or not publishing. It’s nuts to me. I understand constructive criticism and comments and suggestions, for sure, this is a community after all. A large one. But simply unfollow if you don’t like what we are making.

How am I supposed to respond? “I’m sorry our art practice doesn’t please you, we will make the proper adjustments as per your instructions until you are satisfied.”

I’m reverse disappointed. In this day and age it seems obvious to me that we should be encouraging each other to be as weird and nerdy and expressive as possible. Also, it seems even more obvious to me that other people, places, or things are not responsible for yours or my well being. If you don’t like something, keep it pushing till you find what you are looking for.

If you haven’t heard it lately, you’re hearing it from me – Shoot whatever you want, where ever you want, for as long as you want, however you want, why ever you want for no reason at all or all the reasons. And treat others as you like to be treated. That’s it.