Nov 12 2021


Photo by Ray Potes

Some thoughts about photography today. I said and wrote before that for me, it’s not so much about “good” and “bad” photos, it’s about shooting regularly. I could never articulate this properly, now I know it’s because it is just half of a thought. The second half of it is the practice of expression.

We are trying (practicing) to express and communicate our particular story in this world frame by frame. The setting, the vibe, the main characters, the plots, and the subplots. Every photo we get off is like adding to our vocabulary which we use to help tell this story. And vocabulary isn’t “good” or “bad”.

What makes it hard is our inherent split personality. Once you say that you are a photographer, you assume an identity crisis. Am I a product or a service? Once you claim either side or both, your practice and vocabulary gets more complicated.

I sound complain-y. And maybe too artsy. I get it, we have bills to pay. We have to work. I got lucky becoming a publisher. I guess I am just trying to remind myself out loud to shoot everything all the time, if not for anything then for the practice of learning new words.