December 2 2013 – December 7 2013

This week Hamburger Eyes will bring you epic masterpieces at epic prices. The auction will take place in our EBAY store and people all over the planet will be able to participate and bid on photographs and artwork from Hamburger Eyes contributors and supporters.

The auctions include photographs and artwork from:

Ted Pushinsky, Alexander Martinez, Oscar Mendoza, Ray Potes, David Potes, Dennis Mcgrath, Thomas Campbell, Jason Roberts Dobrin, Stefan Simikich, Uri Korn, John Oliver Hodges, Mark Murrmann, Brian David Stevens, Barry Mcgee, Lisa Weiss, Ed Templeton, Francesco Deiana, Nolan Hall, Joe Brook, Jai Tanju, KC Ortiz, Andrea Sonnenberg, Dave Schubert, Tobin Yelland, Troy Holden, Casey Jones, Aiyana Uedsen, Chris Beale, David Uzzardi, Nichole Gawalis, Clint Woodside, Grant Hatfield, Devin Briggs, and more!!

All proceeds will benefit photography by helping Hamburger Eyes continue to produce world class books and magazines, as well as maintaining operation of their darkroom headquarters.

Auction begins Monday, December 2nd 2013 and will run through Saturday, December 7th 2013.

There will be multiple waves of auctions going up every day of the week, with each auction ending 5 days later. So be sure to keep track of your all your happy biddings!!


Please help us spread the word by forwarding to interested people, re-posting, twitter, facebook, etc. Thanks in advance.

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** The above photo by Jason Roberts Dobrin, 11×14 Fiber Based Silver Gelatin Print. Bid on it!

*** Prints will go up in the am every day, don’t forget!