Sep 09 2011


added a few more listings today, a couple more will go up tommorrow, and then that will be everything! the first batch of listings will end this sunday! then every day of the week batches of auctions will end. it’s gonna be brutal! you better chief up on those bids, i can see on my end that almost every listing has “watchers” laying in the cut..

Sep 08 2011


listed a bunch more items today. just a reminder, you will never see photos of this caliber at these prices. ever. we are so fortunate to work with amazing talents from all over the place. our good fortune is your good fortune, so bid tuff!

Sep 07 2011


so many awesome prints and artwork STILL coming in, we decided to just keep making listings till it’s all up on ebay. we will be listing stuff this entire week with the auctions ending all next week. i didn’t think it could get any crazier, but guess what it is..

Sep 01 2011



September 4 2011 – September 13 2011

This weekend, Hamburger Eyes will bring you epic masterpieces at amazing prices. The auction will take place on EBAY for 10 days, and people all over the planet will be able to participate and bid on photographs and paintings from Hamburger Eyes contributors, supporters, friends, and family.

Hamburger Eyes donations include:

Sean Jerd, Ted Pushinsky, Alexander Martinez, Oscar Mendoza, Ray Potes, David Potes, Dennis Mcgrath, Thomas Campbell, Jason Roberts Dobrin, Raphael Villet, Michael Jang, Stefan Simikich, Josh Lazcano, Audrey Erickson, Uri Korn, John Oliver Hodges, Mark Murrmann, Lonnie Dean, Ryan Furtado, Brian David Stevens, Jennilee Marigomen, Brian Henderson, Barry Mcgee, Jesse Hlebo, Lisa Weiss, Ed Templeton, Chris Atwood, Alex Knost, Andrew Paynter, Ken Nagahara, Francesco Deiana, Bill Daniel, Nolan Hall, Joe Brook, Cali Dewitt, Naomi Vanderkindren, Jai Tanju, Michael J Demeo, KC Ortiz, Greg Hunt, John Harding, Emilio Banuelos, Kanoa Zimmerman, Amanda Marsalis, Bryan Derballa, Andrea Sonnenberg, Michael Hernandez, Dave Schubert, Tobin Yelland, and more!!

All proceeds will benefit photography by helping Hamburger Eyes continue to produce world class books and magazines, as well as operate their darkroom rental facilty, the Photo Epicenter.

Auction begins Sunday, September 4th 2011 and will run through Tuesday, September 13th 2011.

There will be multiple waves of auctions going up, ending at different times on the 11th, 12th, and 13th, so be sure to keep track of your all your happy biddings!!

For the locals, the entire collection will be available for viewing. They will be exhibited, this weekend only, at this year’s SAN FRANCISCO ZINE FEST in the Hamburger Eyes section.

September 3 + 4, 2011
11am – 6pm

San Francisco County Fair BLDG
1199 9th Ave and Lincoln Way (in Golden Gate Park)

Please help us spread the word by forwarding to interested people, re-posting, twitter, facebook, etc. Thanks in advance.

the link to the auction, bookmark it!!

the link to our site, bookmark it!!

** The above photo by Josh Lazcano, 16×20 C-Print produced at the Photo Epicenter! Bid on it!