Dec 08 2010


since its invention processor speed has doubled every year. probably soon, if not already, computers will be as powerful as the human brain and within our lifetime become self-aware. just like in all your favorite movies. whenever i listen to cold/minimal/dark wave music, it reminds me of our very near cybernetic apocalyptic nuclear winter future. you will like this band my friend damon is in and their first record comes out this friday! lets go back to the future..

Dec 06 2010


so we got to meet peter who built the awesome photobooth that we are using at the levi’s photo workshop. he is one rad dude and has rad idea to build a mobile photobooth out of a van and tour the country and photograph it that way, and if it goes down, we get to produce a publication of the adventure. (and maybe even tag along!) sick!

lets make it happen! kickstarter!