they saved the best for last! this is what hamburger eyes was doing at the workshop. and if you didnt get a hard copy of the yearbook at the closing party, you can view and download the whole thing!

get it here:


  1. bobbylondon Avatar

    Like whoa. Super sick. Nice one duders.

  2. Christina Minnish Avatar

    I would be so grateful to anyone willing to drop a few hardcopies of the yearbook in the mail. We visited in October, and my husband, Jeffery Minnish, spent much time in the shop on Wooster.

    His picture is in the yearbook, but we live in North Carolina and are unable to get our hands on it. The download is great, but it would still be nice to have one in hand. I would pay shipping/time for anyone willing to get a few out to us.

    We were told the only place to get them is the Meatpacking Levis on 14th Street. They said there are plenty, but since they are free, they can’t mail them.


    ~ Christina Minnish