“Palm Sunday, Poland, 1978”, by Antonin Kratochvil

The Beatles, “A Mad Day Out”, 1968, by Stephen Goldblatt

“A Night At The Met”, By Larry Fink. This auction comes with a book.

auction starts today! in order for the auction to end awesomely in perfect timing with the closing party, where each auctions ends 1 at a time like a countdown, we had to start it that way. so, TONITE at 5pm, the auctions will start appearing in the ebay store 1 every 3 minutes. its gonna be tight..

**the above photos are some of the crazy donations that FOTOVISION got. obviously all the money they raise will go to help them keep their operations going, and all the money we raise on our auctions will go to hamburger eyes. this is a good opportunity for you to own some really really really epic works while supporting some real cool cats and doggs..

TONITE, 5PM! – http://stores.ebay.com/HAMBURGER-EYELAND