ITS GO TIME, this week thursday our 10 day auction begins. its going to be the sickest thing youve ever seen. if you participate you will come up on priceless masterpieces and you will help us continue to produce the purest purest nectar, spread these links around..

the auction goes live JULY 15 – JULY 25 here:

all the specifics here:

more info here and here:

*the above photo by STEFAN SIMIKICH. back in the 90’s we would process and print our negs in basements, under stairs, in bathrooms and where ever else we could find to make a sketchy darkroom. stuff would get thrashed. stefan recently re-printed one of those old negs for our last exhibition. this is huge, 30 inches x 40 inches. its edition of 1. bidding starts at $.01, NO RESERVE!