not a lot of updates lately, thats because we’re working on stuff! youll know all about it soon enough. some updates as of today: 1.) the hamburger eyes x etnies plus shoe is held up in china, we wont have them on sale on the site till july 15, which works out since we got other stuff lined up for the 15th. 2). i just finished up some new designs, gonna burn screens, and have new hamburger eyes tees by the weekend maybe. yes i print them myself now, and yes sometimes theyre sketchy and i will still sell them that way. jk. not really. 3.) some podcasts on deck. 4.) some vids on deck. 5.) goth nite tonite. 6.) new wormholes facebook page. 7.) at least brian david stevens updates his site, check his blog. (above photos is his). 8.) youre awesome..

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    wow to the red wall