australian and hamburger eyes contributor, ANDREW STARK, wrote this epic book about photography and is looking for someone to publish it. he had photogs (im in there!) fill out numerous questionaires and came up with some good stuff. its good, someone give him a contract and put out the hardcover..

his site:

read the pdf:

first paragraph:
“I am a sickly man … I am an unattractive man. I am a quietly ambitious man with lofty designs on the sedentary status of life as a second tier artist. I am a street photographer and I have a strongly held suspicion that something just isn’t quite right with my liver. For I am an Australian – Sydney born – Sydney, that sparkly city to be found just a drunken roll down from the deepest waters of Woy Woy and upper Mullet Creek. A sprawling metropolis providing amble challenge to the scuttling wanderer: he who has taught himself free-style, to search out with the lightest of subjective touches that white bordered rectangle of a hushed and futile reality.”

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  1. Phill Avatar

    Andrew was kind enough to send me a copy several months ago. I heartily recommend it. It’s a great read and I hope he can get it published in some form.