so we got a shoe coming out with ETNIES PLUS this summer! look out for it, and look out for events related to the release of it. since we did the main collab this particular season of etnies plus, we also shot and edited and layed out the catalog/look book. SNEAKER FREAKER has a handful of the photos on their site. also we layed out the box and a zine going in the box, whuut. also, this preview here sitting on monkey’s head isnt the final. its close though. we got silver eyelets and they were able to print the collage we made on the shoelaces too?!? its gonna be tight..


  1. kappy Avatar

    Sick ! the “H.E.” logo is tight ! Monkey’s got a shoe on his mind ! the bumper sticker on the smashed car !!!-kappy

  2. dmtz Avatar

    sickness… exterrestial footwear. the gray ones need foot care too

  3. ivenki Avatar

    sick. MONKEY PLUS

  4. Bobbymunich Avatar

    Damn mang!!! Sick… Need to copp dem joints.

  5. triple m Avatar

    they look way dope. totally will be buying a pair. maybe two.

  6. triple m Avatar

    i need a pair, maybe two.

  7. tread Avatar

    well hellacious. okay, we barely wear shoes in Kentucky (or so you might think) but I will be wearing these all prideful like.