HAPPY NEW YEAR! start off 2010 with this new podcast from WORMHOLES brother IVENKI, all systems are go, you are now cleared for take off..

Podcast: Subscribe (https://hamburgereyes.com/feed/podcast/)

7 responses to “VAYA CON AMEN RA”

  1. Dingus Avatar

    Note: If you put the track listing in the ‘Lyrics’ field, they will show up on iPhone and iPod Touch screens while the podcast plays, and everyone else should be able to access the field with iTunes or whatever pocatcher/music app they use.

  2. rzz Avatar

    good idea, immma try it

  3. BIbiru Avatar

    Track list please…………

  4. ivenki Avatar

    Hope you’ve enjoyed it. It’s quite mega.

    The Savages – Gone to the Moon
    Thor’s Hammer – If You Knew
    The Eyes – I’m Rowed Out
    The Music Machine – Trouble
    The Golden Dawn – My Time
    The Weads – Don’t Call My Name
    The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band – Smell of Incense
    The Seeds – Can’t Seem To Make You Mine
    The Music Machine – The People in Me
    The Goliwogs – Fight Fire
    Los Saicos – El Entierro De Los Gatos
    Mystic Tide – Frustration
    Link Wray – Rumble

  5. BIbiru Avatar

    Thanks yo.

  6. rzz Avatar

    i cant get the mp3 player to work! its driving me nuts! i think something crashed..

    you can get it through subscribing to the podcast tho!

  7. michoblack Avatar

    the party never ends. yes yes and yes, michoblack