Nov 26 2009


new podcast! the one youve been waiting for, the new one from BOBBYLONDON from the world famous COLDBLOOD federation. bump this one in deep space, preferably the opium den on the mothership..

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happy thanksgiving! be grateful for everything, the end is near..

Nov 23 2009


have you ever been to the PHOTO EPICENTER? ever wonder how come its so awesome and clean and everything is in tip top shape for the most part all the time? well SEAN JERD has been one of the main dudes taking care of the processors and enlargers and everything else since i dont know a year or 2 now. (and lonnie too!) and sean has a show opening soon in berkeley, go to it and buy stuff..

Nov 18 2009


Nyc photographer homies, Ale and Renato are having a photo opening at the Leica Gallery on Broadway.  Come thru!  cool cool cool…

Leica Gallery, 670 Broadway / Suite 500.  New York, NY 10012

Opening is tonight, November 18th.   6-8pm

Show is up till January 9th, 2010


Renato D’Agostin‘s second show at Leica explores the geometries of Tokyo, narrating the photographer’s journey through his experiences in its streets. His images visually discuss the relationship between the city’s architecture and its people. The exhibition is eponymous to his newest book, Tokyo Untitled, which will first be presented at the opening reception.


Alessandro Zuek Simonetti‘s exhibition reflects a work-in-progress documenting New York City’s Chinatown.These black-and-white images explore and then define a place which still preserves its original peculiarities, but whose cultural and identifiable destiny is fast changing – it is a microcosm of subtle yet stubborn nuances that continue to survive in a rapidly changing metropolis.

Nov 14 2009


pretty sure theres never been a filipino on the cover of anything on this level, manny pacquiao is frickin huge time! he holds 6 titles in 6 weight classes, matching oscar de la hoya for the record. if he wins tonite he will be the first one ever to have 7. whuuuuut. watch the fight tonite!