Sep 08 2009


my wormholes brothers have been very busy with various interdimensional experiments and looks like their new site and new store is up. help fund their projects, click here THE WORMHOLES..

Sep 05 2009


this video here by australian nick fogarty has been making rounds all over the internet lately. so much so that it made the front page of vimeo, crazy huh. im re-posting because there is zero information about it. anyways, ill just list some fun facts: the footage was shot in 2006. it wasnt edited till 2008. they spelled ted’s name wrong. we were prepping for our show at steven wolf fine arts gallery. boogie, maddux, and goto had an opening at upper playground gallery at the exact same time which is why youll notice 2 different gallery settings. i was super busy and flaking which is why theres no audio of me. it was all shot on 16mm. i really dunked that basketball. and that bird really attacked stefan. i think nick did a great job.


im posting this because its more up to date. this was filmed early 2008 last year as our hardcover book on powerhouse was about to come out..

Sep 05 2009


site was down for a couple days, but now its back up! celebrate with this clip from tony..

Sep 02 2009


New Museum of Contemporary Art
Thursday September 17, 7-9pm

SHOOT is a collection of ‘photography of the moment’ by Stephen Shore, Nan Goldin, Walter Pfeiffer, Boris Mikhailov, Wolfgang Tillmans, Juergen Teller, Mark Borthwick, Ari Marcopoulos, Hiromix, Glynnis McDaris, Linus Bill, Jason Nocito, Yurie Nagashima, Tim Barber, Peter Sutherland, JH Engstrom, Dash Snow, Kenneth Cappello, Louise Enhorning, Michael Schmelling, Nacho Alegre, Ola Rindal, Paul Schiek, Madi Ju, Jaimie Warren and Thomas Jeppe.

“From SLRs to disposables to digital cameras to PDAs, the photographic image is more prolific than at any point since the medium’s inception. Whether working in personal documentary, editorial, fine art or fashion, the photographers in SHOOT share a democratic, emotionally intuitive approach to picture-taking that reflects an era in which we increasingly use ephemeral images to define our own lives.”

SHOOT includes a foreword by legendary photographer Stephen Shore, in addition to a critical essay by professor Penny Martin (of pioneering fashion site and the London College of Fashion) with a historical overview by editor Ken Miller (Revisionaries; A Decade of Art in Tokion).