Sep 30 2009


ok so im trying to figure out this new podcast steez, here a quick one i whipped up to test the new system. i usually go to hawaii at the end of the year and im getting excited about it, heres a little taste of the chilliest of chill modes..


Podcast: Subscribe (

you can listen to it right there, you can download it right there, and now you can subscribe to the feed by copy pasting that address into your itunes. i have registered it in the itunes store, so you can hit it from there too, it will also enable one-click subscribing. but i guess it takes a couple days..

**dont worry, once we get it all situated, we will post all, well maybe not all, the old ones..

Sep 30 2009


i was on tv last nite, they did an article on KICKSTARTER and asked me a few questions about the experience, being on tv is weird and ewwww.. watch the whole thing, click here..

Sep 25 2009


one of my favorite photographers has a blog, click it BRIAN DAVID STEVENS, and he will have a feature in the next issue of hamburger eyes. yes we are already working on it, and yes of course it will be epic..

Sep 24 2009


BRYAN DERBALLA is one of the awesomest dudes, on top of that he is killing it with his photography, check out his summer update:

“..Summer has ended all too soon. Fortunately, I was able to spend those sweltering months shooting engrossing projects and plum assignments. During the season, I scored the front cover of The Wall Street Journal twice, published an eight-page portfolio of Colombia work in a UK culture magazine, visited some of my favorite visual artists for Nike/Livestrong, kicked it in the South Bronx with young rappers for The FADER, rode with a moped gang and survived a mock naval battle for, learned a lot and had a blast. My online portfolio is updated with some recent work. Please take a look..”

**he forgot to note probably his biggest honor, that he had a bunch of photos in the summer issue of hamburger eyes!! oh whut!! just kidding, but he did have photos in there and if you googled him cuz your a fan and came across this page, how about buy the new issue!

Sep 22 2009


new podcast by TJDUCKETS! he said, “its about love,” and then i said, “i need love,” then he said, “not that kind of love, emotional love,” and i said, “i need that too”.. and now you need it!


everyone always weirds out about this part. i agree its confusing and not love worthy. i am planning to re-do our whole podcast system since we use an ancient technology for it. but there are many options and am still figuring which is best for hamburger eyes.

if you already are “subscribed” to our podcast, all you have to do is open your podcast player (itunes, some other player, etc.) go to the podcast section and hit the “refresh” button. for itunes, its near the bottom right of the itunes. then it will automatically start downloading the new mp3 mix, in this case its “i love love” by tj duckets.

if you have never ever been subscribed to our podcast, or your shit crashed, or you upgraded, or something weird, then read this paragraph. ok think if it like a magazine subscription. once you are in our system, you should get the new whatever whenever it comes out. once you “subscribe” to our podcast, you should get the new mp3 everytime delivered to your front door. which is your itunes.

all you need to do is open your itunes, go to the “advanced” tab, click on the “subscribe to podcast”. it will ask your for a url. this is it:

thats it! (sometimes, if you just click on this link, your player will automatically subscribe if not subscribed already.) and now you can download all of our previous mixes toooo. theres sick ones in there..