Aug 04 2009


this crew is better than your crew! check out MJR guys, they are sick. this photo by MUSTAFAH ABDULAZIZ who just won a nikon emerging professional award and accepted to the missouri photojournalism workshop.. sick! be sure the keep up, they got a blog section..

Aug 02 2009


people been asking about the where abouts of this thing, so i re-uploaded it. it is one of the only things that was recovered from the great hard drive crash of ’09. anyways, this is the first episode of a tv show we tried to do for the website a few years ago..

Aug 02 2009


sorry for the delay on updates gang, we switched internet services (from earthlink to att) and of course it was a nightmare, he said she said bullshit, dsl sucks anyways but it will cost too much for cable.. anyways, back on track, and can finally catch up with bizz. heres some photos from the HAMBURGER EYES ISSUE 013 release party over at DASHWOOD BOOKS. they are super awesome and if your in new york buy lots of shit there..