its in, turned in the mag! this is the most nerve racking part of the process, will it be done on time? will they fuck it up? print it too dark? too light? missing pages? and we got more pages, more problems.. but on the flip side things, im gonna put it out there, this issue is the number 1 contender for best issue yet. 148 pages, over 50 photographers, 5 features, (including pacman feature by me, but thats not why its a contender) its just the quality of images that people are submitting these days is raising the bar and everyone involved and everyone whose getting involved has no choice but to take their game next level or get cut, thats all..

and thanks to everyone who donated! this is a bigtime shoutout to the recent batch of warriors who have chosen to stay and fight valiantly and gloriously to victory, i heart you : brian, Andrew Kelly, jonah whipp, Xavier Burt, Shelby Goldstein, Kelly McNiece, Joleen, Erin Putnam, Jason Garber, eric knuteson, Andrew Meyer, Chump, Vanessa Lee, Ryan Lee, MIKE SLICE, Liz GOMIS, and photo epicenter staffer Sean Jerd..