the mr. pickle sandwich shop sign conspiracy scandal has been solved, thank god because i cant stand the idea of cops searching my shit, especially while im out of town. anyways, if you havent been following, here is the order of events along with pertinent links, follow the action: the mr. pickle mascot is stolen – read here. we got sent a celly phone photo of mr. pickle chilling in someone’s living room and posted it to the site – view here. people start to assume i have the sign, and the cops infiltrate the photo epicenter while im not there! – read here. the conspiracists make a flickr page with more photos of mr. pickle chillin, as if taunting “f the entire planet!” (page has been deleted) – read here. flickr employees give up names and phone numbers, mr. pickle is to be voluntarily returned – read here. mr. pickle returned to his mom! – read here. everyone is happy.. win win!

4 responses to “THE MR. PICKLE FILES”

  1. The Pickler Avatar

    Sorry They searched yo shit Ray… Was a prank, but after I read about that I had already decided to return it. The flick of the pickle partying were just a last hoorah.

    Sorry for the inconvenience!

  2. rzz Avatar

    all good, i wasnt even around. makes for a great bedtime story. and everyone is now happy..

  3. dmtz Avatar

    hhahaha oh shit! mr pickles makes good sandwiches

  4. jessica Avatar

    I used to work there. It’s great to see that he has made some nice friends.