Mar 21 2009


brand new exhibition on the brand new walls, yes we recently did some remodeling and im pretty sure we now have the best gallery if not only in sf, then the whole world. this friday, march 27, SPIRIT RAPPINGS opens at the PHOTO EPICENTER! get in where you fit in..

Spirit Rappings
March 27 – April 15, 2009

Opening Reception: Friday, March 27, 6 – 9pm

Gallery Hours: Monday – Saturday, 10am – 10pm
Contact: Michelle Y. Hyun,

Featuring works by: Sarah Filley, Daniel Turner, & Michael Wells.

Taken from the title of an Old American tune from 1854 and a Spiritualist term for otherworldly communication, Spirit Rappings features works in painting, sculpture, installation, performance, photography, and printmaking. Each acts as conduits through which hermetic recipes, public and private rituals, mystical revelations, transcendental reflections, phenomenological hallucinations, myth and the sacred ineffable are transmitted through monochromatic, primordial portals.

“They are indeed, things that cannot be put into words. They make themselves manifest.”

– Ludwig Wittgenstein in Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus, 1921


Mar 18 2009


when was the last time we was bloggy about the lab? if you print here you will be happy to know that we spent maybe 8 hours last week re-aligning and re-calibrating all the enlargers. what. they now exist in perfection making your job of printing masterpieces that much easier. PHOTO EPICENTER. come thru, we are running a hybrid of memberships and hourly rates, so no more excuses. also, the small office just opened up. $250/month inlcudes darkroom time. hit us up asap: people[at]

thomas campbell has been hanging out here in preparation for touring his new surf film THE PRESENT, check the trailer, theres a girl getting sooooooo pittttted..

Mar 11 2009


oh shit! new podcast! what! the latest from coldblood’s bobbylondon. lazersun. you might need some of that spf 3000 for your mind and your mind booty while chilling at the mind beach, its so chill at your mind beach..


also, coldblood has taken over the attic (on 24th st. between mission and valencia) second thursdays every month. sick. selectors spacecholo and bobbylondon. come and get that nectar, you deserve it..

also, complete your coldblood experience, we still have copies of the coldblood zine and have finally added them to the store. i know some of you have had problems with the store but im pretty sure i fixed it. its been upgraded for his and her pleasure. ill be adding more stuff in the coming days, so keep checking back. yeah dont worry ill remind you.. go to there: !! HAMBURGER EYELAND !!