H006 + H009

so its that time of year for us to sort all our our good crap and go to the dump with all garbage crap that gets piled up over here at the lab. its awesome. anyways, we found boxes of back issues! we have copies of issue 006 and issue 009. get previews in the BACK ISSUES section. if you dont have these get them cuz theres not very many. heres a quick synopsis: HAMBURGER EYES ISSUE 006 has photos of fat guys, dogs humping, street fights, boobs, and features yuri shibuya with a portfolio of jamaica, barry mcgee has a sick ass spread, and it was the first time david uzzardi was published in the mag and has the big spread of photos from all over the country. as for HAMBURGER EYES ISSUE 009, theres dolphins, crack smoke, riot police, razor scooters, and boobs. the featured spreads, “belgrade belongs to me” by boogie, who also has the cover. “z-chronicles” which is a kung fu film the the rza directed. keith sirchio was on set and shares these epic photos from the movie that never got finished. also, photos from a cambodian landmine village by taura horn. and finally a feature by ari marcopolous titled “nyc 83”. classic. have a power meeting with yourself, negotiate, and close the deal –> HAMBURGER EYELAND <--