Dec 07 2008


link from tony, heres another jam..

Dec 05 2008


its been a long time coming, remember when we screwed up and lost HAMBURGEREYES.COM, but then got it back but could only use it for email so then we had to make up BURGERWORLDCHRONICLES.COM, anyways those days are over, we’re back to the og domain so bookmark it, subscribe to the feed, get it tattooed somewhere, HAMBURGEREYES.COM, ditch all the other ones.. were still building up the site and trying out new features so chill on that, also emails are out for a minute, but theyll be back soon.. polaroids by michael jang..

Dec 04 2008


check the actual youtube post to have all the dustward mysteries revealed, its in the description section and its pretty complete. nice to see it in high quality mode too. dont sleep, you will lose..