check it out, THE WORMHOLES have vibrated to the next density and have retired from their duties of online distribution of hamburger eyes and hamburger eyes related items. since interdimensional mingling is prohibited by the galactic federation, we are forced to handle our own orders and make a new webstore. introducing your new source: HAMBURGER EYELAND ..just in time to announce the arrival of the BENNY GOLD X DAVID POTES collabo tshirt. get one asap cuz we dont have very many.. some highlights of the new store, you dont need paypal, better order tracking, inventory, shipping calculations! so many more that probably doesnt pertain to you but makes its so much easier for us, also its connects to an ebay store, so we can auction stuff like old socks and photos or whatever.. youll see, give it a go! HAMBURGER EYELAND. oh lots of cool “marketing” tools come with it, look out for promotions all over the place, like this thing..