Sep 13 2008


im new to the flickr game but its pretty way sick, just put up photos and vids from the THE YOUNG JERKS show which opened thursday, fun times, if you havent seen it come down and check it out, its up for a month..

Sep 10 2008


Let’s get to know… Bea Fremderman. Bea is from Chicago, and is about to attend School of the Art Institute of Chicago next spring. For The Young Jerks she has taken it above and beyond what she is known for in the world of photography. By slyly editing photos in her collection she gives them greater meaning while deflecting direct analysis of the images. And when you step back and see that all the altered images are of the same subject, the same girl, you begin to wonder what the person did to deserve to be represented in this way. Bea is one to watch and will be in attendance at the opening… which is TOMORROW at The Epicenter!

Sep 08 2008


Here we have Andrew Laumann, known by many as Baltimore Andrew. Maybe the moniker works even better now that he has packed up and moved to San Francisco. For the last few years Andrew has been criss-crossing the country, interning for the likes of Ryan McGinley, and most recently putting out his first monograph (available here from Gottlund Verlang, as well as at the opening) . Here is what he has to say for himself: “I am not interested in stating facts. My work is an exploration of life’s learning process. An attempt to explore the abstract elements of the world to find a higher truth.” I have been a big fan of Andrew’s work for some time, and the work he has prepared for The Young Jerks is some of his best. See you Thursday!

Sep 07 2008


Young Jerk #4, Oscar Mendoza. Watching Oscar’s work evolve over the years has been very exciting. From his portrait work last year in Flawless Victory, to his current exploration of all things supernatural and psychedelic, his photos have matured as he has.  The body of work produced for The Young Jerks reads like a conspriacy theorist’s notebook, littered with grainy, extreme crops of photos, all serving as artifacts and evidence, all pointing to some greater mystery, one that Oscar himself may or may not know the answer to. UFOs, hot dogs, skeletons. All these and more will be revealed this Thursday!