hello gang, its been awhile, happy new years and all that, back from hawaii and straight into a new home, new job, new lifestyle, new pants even, it is crazed up for a minute.. anyways, we are gonna have some bigtime announcements in the upcoming days, your gonna freak out once the officialness becomes official, its pretty much official but we have to officialize certain aspects before claiming official official, nahmean? (yadada?) this photo of devo by michael jang..

6 responses to “ARE WE NOT MEN?”

  1. Liza Heider Avatar

    This is awesome. Michael Jang Rocks!!!! Hamburger Eyes Rocks!!!!


  2. spanky Avatar

    we are not men…..we are……devolution

  3. Mark Hammond Avatar

    Man! What is the big news? Give us a little hint or something.

    Stay gold Pony Boys,

  4. serb Avatar

    top secret weapons of mass destruction.

  5. sdazzler Avatar

    mmmmmm ray’s new pants

  6. dmtz Avatar

    blazer beamsz