Hamburger Eyes is looking to publish photography from now to eternity. Thanks in advance for submitting your epic masterpieces. Please read this whole thing. I wish it could be simpler but this will help streamline things. We are trying to publish once a month or more, if we can all hop on the same wave then it should be easy.

1. We are black and white.
2. Include your contact info.
3. When is the deadline? Tomorrow.
4. Are you familiar with our magazine?
5. If not, have a look through our website.
6. Know photoshop.
7. Take a class if you have to. I did.

More notes:
1. If we choose your photos, you will hear from us before publishing.
2. If you do not hear from us, we are not able to use your photos at this time.
3. We cannot pay you.
4. Include all your contact info, mailing address, links, ig, etc.
5. If we use your photos they will end up first in our magazine, then maybe our blog and ig.
6. Where ever we use your photos, we will give you photo credit.
7. If we use your photos, we will send you at least 1 copy.

More notes:
1. We have multiple issues already in the works.
2. Not sure exactly when or what issue your photos will be in.
3. We have multiple editors working in multiple cities.
4. These specs listed help us work from multiple devices.
5. Image quality counts.
6. Personal vision counts.
7. We appreciate you.

1. Submit photo sets, portfolios, stories, etc. for 10-12 page feature.
2. Write “SUBMISSION” in the email subject line.
3. Submit 20 photos.
4. Specs: black and white, 300 dpi, 8 inch on the long side, .jpg
5. Title the files with your name and number them: “LASTNAME_FIRSTNAME_01.jpg”
6. No dropbox or wetransfer, multiple emails is fine.
7. Do not submit more than once a month.