Oct 04 2006

Where my dogs at?

Fuck Lassie and Benji, this is how the canines do it in France.

Oct 03 2006

Wings Of Change

Film still from the film,
“Dead Bird Flying”
Its loosely based off “dead man walking”.
Does anyone have Sean Penns phone # ?
I seem to have missplaced it….kah

Sep 30 2006


this photo by ted pushinsky, ted’s son jake helped his buddy dito make a movie, its screening right now in ny and la, check it out, it looks real good : a guide to recognizing your saints.. and if you missed the ODYSSEY show, you better go check it out today because we take it down on monday..

Sep 29 2006

Mississippi Fred Mcdowell

Fred Mcdowell was born in 1904 in the Delta and worked as a farm hand for most of his life. He’d play guitar for for fun, mostly playing juke joints, picnics and local social gatherings. He was “discovered” by Alan Lomax in the late ’50s and became an instant legend, playing sold out festivals and venues until he died 1971.

He didn’t play no rock and roll.