May 19 2008


May 15 2008


“In The House!”
Tobin Yelland Slideshow + Talk
Sunday May 18th at Photo Epicenter, San Francisco

Photographer and Filmmaker Tobin Yelland’s work features the day-to-day experiences of many different characters playing out their sexuality and aggression with youthful invincibility. Since the age of fifteen, Yelland has been steadily documenting the shadowy existence of youth and its vestiges in day-to-day life. In conjunction with the Being True Photo Exhibition, Tobin will be showing and talking about his work Sunday May 18th at Photo Epicenter. See a sample of Tobin’s work at

Slideshow will run approx 1 hr. and starts promptly at noon on Sunday, May 18th.

Photo Epicenter
26 Lilac St.
San Francisco CA 94110

May 14 2008

Fw: Dont shit yurself

from tzz

May 14 2008


from blackman

May 13 2008


new issue is out and now shipping, get that thing today! dont worry a preview thing will come tommorrow, same with a list of photogs, and subscriptions will go out this week and for retailers, our distributor should be getting their copies this week, photogs your copies will ship this week if you havent picked up copies yet, and advertisers we havent forgot you too.. anyways, everyone else you can get them from our new online store the WORMHOLES, still a work in progress and i dont even know if it will work when you try to order one, just kidding it should maybe work..

May 10 2008


photos from the hollywood express inn south pool, vid coming soon..

May 07 2008


be sure to come thru this thursday may 8th to the PHOTO EPICENTER, after party at the attic! (click that text to make it bigger so you can read it and stuff)..