Oct 12 2010


NEW YORK! levis has setup a giant photo zone with giant studio, giant printers, and giant cameras with giant sensors (leica s2), everything is free to use and it will be setup for 2 months. im here now and me and dave are documenting stuff and using the photobooth photos to produce a zine at the end. its craziness. if you are in the area, use this stuff!

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Sep 22 2010


people sometimes ask, “hey how do you keep the PHOTO EPICENTER so awesome and tight all the time?” and the answer is that we have 2 secret weapons. SEAN JERD and LONNIE DEAN come in at night and clean and calibrate everything, mix chems, dump chems, and take care of the place better than anyone could. sean recently has updated his site, take a look.. lonnie has a few secret blogs i think, ill find out..