Apr 06 2009


the SLIDELUCK POTSHOW is coming to sf, (MAY 8 ) monster photography slideshow and yes free food. and guess what they got michael jang to be guest curator, and they are taking submissions, click here. (APR 27 deadline) Past contributors include: The Guggenheim Foundation, Elliott Erwitt, Todd Hido, Elinor Carucci, Martin Schoeller, Alec Soth, Chris Buck, Spencer Tunick, Martin Parr, Nina Berman, Vincent Laforet and many others. its a win win win..

Mar 31 2009


we been globbed, check the photos from the miami event on the anything glob. photos on the ohwow gallery site too. the event was so pro, so legit, so ridiculous bigtime bonkers banana cakes, thanks miami for the good times! special thanks and whats ups to mills, al, pres, karina, xavier, jasper, pete, sam, fiffy, ceci, mia, lil jon and diplo, and everyone who came thru and bought shit too, more photos on the way and vid too.. lets move to miami!

Mar 28 2009


airport nightmare, cancelled flight, giant photos came out good but in panels, nightmare 2. still hanging, lots of taco bell, gigantic flyer, very expensive cars, up till 5am, hot pink aparment staying in, tons of dolphin shit, gigantic butts..

Mar 26 2009


“..oh hey, so whats up with Hightower? I heard you guys broke up, I heard one of you dudes moved to India to study with the Mahareeesheeeee, I heard that you guys were wanted by the government and had to go underground, I heard that one of you went to a chiropractor and he released all the leftover LSD in your spine and you had to finish your vision quest before the band could go on……..
Well the vision quest is over and we’ve seen the future and we’re totally embracing it by releasing our new album Tower to the People via the internet… we know, we know… the internet? That is so bold and ground breaking, right?… Not really, but we’re broke and this is the most economical way to put out an album these days. Yeah, we know… it fuckin’ sucks right? But face it, the CD is dead. And all we want to do is put this thing out on vinyl and if no one else is gonna step up and put this shit out we have to figure a way to do it ourselves. Whoa, ain’t that a concept? do it yourself? and have your bros at Hamburger Eyes help you out? My mind just got totally blown… that is possibly the greatest idea ever. What’s that? and all the money from the digital release is going to fund putting out the album on vinyl? Not only is that awesome, but it fulfills the final prophecy of the Wizard Hawk… which can only be known by purchasing Tower to the People from Hamburger Eyeland. Do your part in fulfilling the prophecy…” – HIGHTOWER

to summarize, your purchasing of the brand new downloadable hightower album will help them release it on vinyl, sick. we are actually using a service outside of our store to provide the download. click the link below to purchase and download.


click this link to take you to the hightower product page at HAMBURGER EYELAND..


Mar 25 2009


new WORMHOLES TSHIRTS!! whuuuut. this one explores the lost secrets of the sacred ark. and we dont have very many so get on it. 4 different colorways. all long sleeves. check the wormholes product page at HAMBURGER EYELAND. the wormholes secret order have been chosen by the galactic federation as the official clothiers for earth humans. reserve your tickets to the next level, upgrade your uniform, click here..

Mar 21 2009


brand new exhibition on the brand new walls, yes we recently did some remodeling and im pretty sure we now have the best gallery if not only in sf, then the whole world. this friday, march 27, SPIRIT RAPPINGS opens at the PHOTO EPICENTER! get in where you fit in..

Spirit Rappings
March 27 – April 15, 2009

Opening Reception: Friday, March 27, 6 – 9pm

Gallery Hours: Monday – Saturday, 10am – 10pm
Contact: Michelle Y. Hyun, rappings@gmail.com

Featuring works by: Sarah Filley, Daniel Turner, & Michael Wells.

Taken from the title of an Old American tune from 1854 and a Spiritualist term for otherworldly communication, Spirit Rappings features works in painting, sculpture, installation, performance, photography, and printmaking. Each acts as conduits through which hermetic recipes, public and private rituals, mystical revelations, transcendental reflections, phenomenological hallucinations, myth and the sacred ineffable are transmitted through monochromatic, primordial portals.

“They are indeed, things that cannot be put into words. They make themselves manifest.”

– Ludwig Wittgenstein in Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus, 1921