Jun 23 2010


not a lot of updates lately, thats because we’re working on stuff! youll know all about it soon enough. some updates as of today: 1.) the hamburger eyes x etnies plus shoe is held up in china, we wont have them on sale on the site till july 15, which works out since we got other stuff lined up for the 15th. 2). i just finished up some new designs, gonna burn screens, and have new hamburger eyes tees by the weekend maybe. yes i print them myself now, and yes sometimes theyre sketchy and i will still sell them that way. jk. not really. 3.) some podcasts on deck. 4.) some vids on deck. 5.) goth nite tonite. 6.) new wormholes facebook page. 7.) at least brian david stevens updates his site, check his blog. (above photos is his). 8.) youre awesome..

Mar 16 2010


new podcast! you might know him as the freedom lovin, country guitar playin, motorcycle drivin, beer guzzlin, rodinal rocker, shootin hp5 at 100, fiber master, darkroom wizard DAVID UZZARDI, but did you know he likes to party? this new podcast is dave’s dance machine mix, its awesome to hear the method behind the madness. dave lives in los angeles now and pretty soon he will be setup for all your black and white custom printing services, just like he was the go-to guy here in sf, he will be the go-to guy in southern california. fyi, if you are machine processing your b/w film, depending on the place, you may be missing out on most of its essential vitamins. take it to someone who hand processes and experience the true nectar..

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Feb 05 2010


new podcast!! this one another classic by TJ DUCKETS talking about them talking songs, them talkin talking song blues, you may not know the blues, but you know you done had da blues, and you know once you done had da blues you might be talking about it, you might be talkin about talking about it, and you might be writing songs about talkin about talking about it, so be about it and celebrate the birth of american music..

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Jan 28 2010


new podcast!! the WORMHOLES liberation army, terra 3 commission agent, space leutenant commander, pinche brother BIBIRU coming thru with back to back mixes. this one, like all of our podcasts, is very romantic and filled with all kinds of emotions from the past, present, and future. you will begin to understand and see that all these different emotions happening at once is called love. and understanding that the past, present, and future is happening at once is understanding the 4th dimension. therefore, love = hyperspace. love will set you free.. BLAST OFF! LATER EARTH!

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Jan 22 2010


new podcast! this one by WORMHOLES sect terra 3, hyperspace battalion, psychonaut division, brother BIBIRU. you are the light, god-mind. and what is, shall be. may this podcast be the soundtrack to the activation of your star seed, may the transformation happen today today today today today today today, tommorrow.. \\|//

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Jan 12 2010


new podcast! this newest one from MIKE SLICE + MICHAEL HIRSCH, bump it, bump it, grind, rinse, and repeat. this is baby making music..

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**i have no idea why i could get this podcast to play in the mp3 player and not the last podcast from ivenki, so weird i know..