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    Just curious if you print at home, local shop, or online? I used to print at home but moved over to a local shop after my printer shit the bed. I want to try some online print services but I don’t even know where to start. Any online places you would recommend?

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    I’ve always had a good experience with these people: https://www.mgxcopy.com/

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    Thanks man! I’m gonna check them out.

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    Used Blurb, but want to start printing myself or finding someplace local to print.

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    HP Mag (http://www.magcloud.com/) now bought by Blurb used to be good and cheap, specially when compared to Blurb. Now I print everything with local printers or in China.

    I’m making big cheap prints through architecture plan bw printers. I believe in the states there’s a few guys doing big cheap prints at Kinkos/Fedex.

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    yep, i make giant 3 ft x 4 ft prints all the time at kinkos fedex for about $12. its great.

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    staples does engineer prints on the cheap too. like under 5, i think. been a little while since I’ve done it

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    Ive been using Docucopies, pretty good prices

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    been usin this for a min for zines / wheatpaste

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    How’s the print quality on that guy?

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    A lot better than what you’d expect a printer that’s only $180. For black and white zines it’s the best quality affordable laser printer I could find.

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    Nice! I think Ima grab one.

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    Just be sure to also cop some toner for it when you buy it. The small cartridge that comes with the printer doesn’t last long / work too well. When using this one the print quality got a lot better.

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    Thanks for the heads up!

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