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    My luck finally ran out…. dropped my Fuji x100s I have had for 6 years and it is out of commission. Even though 95% of the photos I take with 35mm, looking for a new digital point and shoot or mirrorless camera. Would like to get a nice used one for $400 or less. Thinking of getting another Fuji x100s since the price has came down so much and I really love that camera, but before I do… any recommendations?

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    hmm how important is to have a VF for you? I know for me is not that important on a P&S cam. So have you considered

    • Canon Eos M6 or M100 + 22mm f2 (35mm equiv) both are cheap, fast(ter than your fuji x100s) and with a newer sensor?
    • Ricoh GR (i know its not a 35mm lens but is a great cam)
    • Lumix GX80/85 + 17mm f1.8

    otherwise I think you should stick to what you know and love and keep shooting?

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    GR > x100 for sure

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    pretty soon i’m going mirrorless, still weighing the options. i borrowed my brother’s gr, nice photos for sure, but i decided i need viewfinder.

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    I do like a viewfinder also but don’t just have to have one. Haven’t tried to many other digital cameras. Always interesting to see what people’s favorites are. Also looking at a fuji x70.

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    GR with a external finder is a cool setup. still super compact too.

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    Dudes. I joined the M43 club today!

    I knew I was going to get the Lumix GX85 or the GX9. I had to go look at them today. I was just planning to handle them and then go back home and read more reviews. The GX9 exp comp dial looked weird to me. Such a weird little thing, but I have to like looking at the camera from every angle lol. I had to pass on it.

    Anyways, there was an open box GX85 that was $100 cheaper than normal plus a $200 instant rebate! Basically I got the camera for $300 off. I pulled the trigger and I own it now. Total was $350 out the door including tax.

    I will report back. Should I start doing camera reviews on the site?

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      oh yess! enjoy the new camera Ray! I sold mine as I wanted the gx9 but downunder the price is still way too high for what it is. so still waiting. Enjoy the new camera. what lens are you slapping on that one?

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      i picked up the 14mm for it today, gonna be others for sure.

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    Actually, I’ll do the consumer reports on my blog and keep H.E. about the photographers. I’ll holla.

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    Hell yeah! Would love to see camera reviews.

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