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    Welcome to The Kamera Islands. Imagine an island with all the cameras you have ever wanted. I don’t have a lot of cameras, but I am always looking them up and playing with them at the shop. Post your collections and acquisitions and wish lists.

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    Hey. Thought I might organize mine into little categories.

    What I got:

    Currently I’m on a Mamiya 645 Pro TL with an 80mm 2.8.
    That’s it until this nikon f100 comes in.

    What I want:
    An Mamiya RZ67 pro ii
    A Contax S2b
    A Contax N1
    A Nikon FM3A
    A Nikon F6
    A Nikon F2 “Titan”

    Desert Island Camera:

    If I was stuck on a desert island and only had one camera it would be a Nikon FM2n. Everything you need, nothing you don’t.

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    i want the nikon fm3a too!

    i think the fm2 was a perfect camera, i had it once. i don’t know why i got rid of it. i got an f5 and didn’t think i ever needed anything else. but then you can get an f100 for like $100 these days, so i got one and that one for sure made it so i don’t need anything else.

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    Leica M2 (1959)
    Canon A1
    Fuji X-Pro 2
    Bronica ETRS 645

    Wish list:
    Pentax 67
    Leica MP
    Nikon F2

    Though I’m pretty happy where I’m at right now, I’d probably go for glass for the M2 over another body right now. My 35 Biogon is no slouch though

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    2-x pro 1’s
    Olympus XA2
    Olympus MJUII
    A couple Broken Yashica rangefinders
    Medium format rolleiflex

    Fuji XT1
    Ricoh GRII

    I’m pretty content with my current XPro1 setups. Usually have one with a 28 and the other with a 50mm. Hoping to upgrade someday to the xt1 for the ease of manual focus due to the better viewfinder and the Ricoh bc of its form factor.

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    i always wanted a pentax 67 setup too!

    for digi, i have my heart set on a micro 43rds setup. i wanted a fuji setup, but i figure if i am gonna spend money on lenses etc. then it is not that far from a sony system. and i already have a nikon full frame situation.

    i like the lense choices and sizes for m43. anyone here shoot it?

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    My haves are
    Minolta X370
    Minolta Weathermatic
    Pentax WR90
    Pentax K1000
    Agfa Solina

    All my stuff was free or cheaper than $20 so my wants are very simple

    Contax Zeiss Lens Point and shoot
    Nikon F2
    Nikonos V

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    Currently, I shoot everything with one of two cameras:

    Contax G2 w/ 28mm or 45mm
    Mamiya7 w/ 65mm (currently broken) or 50mm

    I also own a Canon Elan7e that has been out of commission for a couple years due to sticking my finger through the shutter blades on accident.

    Gathering dust are –
    Lomo LC-W
    Diana F+
    some crazy Russian wooden pinhole camera with a Mamiya back.

    On my wishlist –

    Nikon 28ti (or 35ti)
    Konica Hexar AF
    Contax t3
    something in the large format world

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    want: 8×10 view camera and a lot of film and free time

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