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    Shot a bunch of 20 second vids a couple years back in downtown San Francisco and pulled them into a playlist. Wish I could do more of these but I always end up taking pics instead.

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    Not sure why the YouTube link didn’t embed the vids 🤔

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    fuuuuck, those are great Troy, love them! – would love to see more of these!

    (you gotta paste each individual link in here to embed the vids, the playlist link wont embed the vids)

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    These are great Troy!

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    fixed it for you. the link has got to be on its own line, so just add a space or 2 after your text.

    awesome vids!

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      Thanks for fixing that man!

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    I can watch these all day. Great!!

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    Oh hell yeah. I have a few of these. I always mean to take more.

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    no problemo troy

    nice ones clark

    kappy and i combined our snaps and edited it into a video zine called “stinky streets”

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    Stinky Streets always gets me pumped to go out and wander.

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    Swampy’s diary always gets my psyched!

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    those swampy ones are great

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    thing I made with Alex Herzog a while back while he did some wheat pasting in bk.

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