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    It seems like a lot of people are interested in swapping zines here, So I figured it may be cool to have a place devoted to just that. Post some info and images of your zine as well as an email address to connect with and trade some personal info (address, PO Boxes, etc.) below 🙂

    I’ll kick it off…

    I’ve got a couple copies of my new zine “PRAY” I’m willing to trade.

    This collection features a number of emotionally charged, carefully curated, B&W street images taken in various cities across the US. Each zine is designed, printed, and assembled by me in Chicago, IL.

    32 Pages
    B&W Laser
    Edition of 50
    Individually Numbered

    Hit me up: or Instagram message @justinmatthew

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    I’ll trade with u

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    Yo Justin I still haven’t sent this bc im slacking and haven’t printed any zines yet but I’ll get it out to you soon.

    Lets get some zine trading going on who else tryin to trade.

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