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    What’s your current set up?

    When I shot film I always had a main camera and then a side camera. It was a Nikon F100 with usually a 28mm on there. And for side dish was usually Yahsica T4 or Contax T2 or Fujifilm Natura.

    Today its digital. Nikon D750 with 28mm. And on the side my phone, Samsung S8.

    But I don’t think main gun and side arm translate in digital. I want a small mirrorless with lenses for everything. And then a Ricoh point and shoot for backup.

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    Lately it’s been an xpro1 with a 50mm equiv lens or my phone. I’ve been debating on an xt1 or the ricoh (and keep my xpro1).

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    When I shot film my all time favorites were the Olympus XA, Contax T2, Lomo LC-A, and also had a Canon Eos Kiss (some # I cant remember) that I usually used to slap a 50mm I had. All of that is gone. Gone fully digital mid 2011.

    Here’s my current setup.

    • Sony A7iii + 55mm + 35mm (sold everything I had to fund this body :( )
    • Ricoh GR II

    The ricoh appears with the hood tube that I duct taped in order to prevent dust coming in. This is my 3rd Ricoh GR in 5 years, and I bought this one literally the day before I flew to Peru in May this year so didnt manage to get the usual stick on UV filter I put on it. still compact tho :D

    Not very happy with this setup tho. Is heavy and bulky. IQ is amazing for sure. But I wish for a true compact (GR compact) 35/40mm equivalent carry on camera.

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    johnny salas

    This is what I have with me right now in Mexico.
    – Canonet QL17 G3 with flash. This is my main camera and has been for years. I don’t see people talking about it often, but its a solid cheap range finder.
    – A couple Stylus and a XA2 with a broken flash.
    – Sony VX2000 DV camera
    – My developing kit
    All this stuff is from Goodwill/Craigslist. I should probably get some more reliable stuff. I left my Texas Leica back in the states. It’s the nicest piece of gear I own. I also left my Olympus OM1 my grandfather gave me. He used to do astrophotgraphy with it attached to a telescope. I use it for occasional portrait stuff with a 28mm lens. Half my developing stuff was his too.
    I found one tiny Fuji store in a mall that has like five rolls of Acros 100 at a time. I have a bunch of expired TMax 100 I bought off Craigslist that looks pretty meh. I don’t want to use it, but I’m gonna have to. I’m waiting on a B and H order to make its way down here. A bag of D76 from Amazon MX or Mercado Libre is like 30 USD. I didn’t have the money to stock up before I left the states. Pretty stressed about it all.

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      Digging that little darkroom setup for sure. I used to have an OM1, I’ve been thinking about snagging another. I miss that camera.

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    i do not miss messing with chems at all! and $30 for d76, that is nuts!

    thanks for sharing dudes

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    Hi everyone. I’m on a Mamiya 645 pro tl cuz my Pentax just broke. Ordered a Nikon f100 today though to replace it thiugh. The Mamiya is okay for a street set up. It’s quite large and noticeable and I’ve been yelled at by a few street vendors at china town by just pointing it at them. Love the big negs though. Here’s my Mamiya as I wait for my burger at shake shack.

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    yea thats pretty big for street haha tho i seen someone walkin around chinatown sly shooting with a bessa iii the other day though so def doable

    also really dig the guerilla developing kit there johnny

    heres my setup xa4 my go to and keep a color roll in the xa but both fit in pockets so i keep them on me at all times now. xa2 i use as backup a roll bc focus isnt very versatile

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    johnny salas

    mad props on the crocs, cole.

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    TX at 1600 in Rodinal

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    love those bessas, i wish i had one

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    Currently rocking the CL with the 40 Cron. Great camera, really compact while sturdy. So that’s kind of my main shooter and my sidearm in one. Light enough to always carry around although I’d like a point and shoot as a secondary for when I don’t feel like messing around with focusing and exposure and such. Problem is they’re all fucking expensive and might break at any moment so 🤷🏼‍♂️

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    Hey guys!
    My main is the Minolta CLE with the Rokkor 40mm. I use the Fuji x100s often. I mostly shoot black and white and it does a great job of it. I throw color film into the Olympus point and shoot and toss it in my backpack just in case. I got lucky on ebay with that one before prices went crazy on point and shoots. Iphone 7 when the need for cellys happens.

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    1st: Canon EOS M, Canon PowerShot a530 (my first digi, dug it out recently to remove the IR filter for long night B/W exposures), Snap Sights! light leak 35mm toy.

    2nd: Galaxy SII (just a camera) DeJUR M42 85-200mm , Admiral M42 22mm, Canon FD 35-70mm, My computer.

    Not pictured: lens adapters.

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    Royce Stevenson

    Right now the 3 cameras I use the most are..

    Nikon F3 with a 28mm lens

    Olympus Stylus Epic

    Fuji x100s

    Film I use is bulk loaded Kentmere 400. On the rare occasion I use color film, I use whatever i can find. Kodak Portra or Fuji Superia.

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    Love seeing all these setups

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    What’s in my bag:
    -Minolta x 370 from my dad
    -Pentax WR that I picked up brand new in box from a thrift store for $4 Not sure if its going to stay around but its nice to use with rolls I don’t care about and hand off to friends to play with
    – Minolta weathermatic because I work for a fire support crew and its the best camera to throw around and now worry about and takes some nice pictures too.

    What’s in the closet:
    Agfa Solina I just never liked using
    Pentax k1000 (my partners) workhorse and one we lend out to friends

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    Leica m4-p + minolta 28mm

    but currently to lazy so I shoot mostly on the hexar AF, great camera

    I bulk load kodak vision3 250d and can highly recommend that film if you can get your hands on it

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