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    Who has one? The internet loves it, but my friends who have had one seemed to have moved on. What’s your take on it? I’m about to buy one.

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    I have it here with me. its great, sharp and all, but has become ‘boring’ for me (FOV), right now.

    I’d like to have that size of a camera but with a fast(ish) 35 or 40mm lens. but there isn’t and seems that wont be such a thing. its all about touch screen and zooms and 4k do it all machines so yah… there’s very few of us who still want a photo camera apparently.

    In saying that, images are sharp as a tack, so if you are all about 28mm FOV it might be the only cam you might need. it has hyperfocal shooting (snap focus they call it) and is the only digital camera in the world that has such function and is pure bliss to shoot quick and without shutter lag.

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    I am into the 28mm, in fact I would be more into a 24mm. I think I’m just gonna get it !

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      then I’d say, go for it! – get a UV stick on filter or the hood accessory so you can prevent a bit the dust that might get into the camera. It has certainly helped me in the past

      UV Stick on > this is the only one I knew of and I have used it. is great. – however, looking for the link to paste it here, apparently now theres another option as well, dont know about it tho

      other UV filter >

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    Good idea with that. Dust is such a thing with digital it creeps in everywhere and never leaves.

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    I only hear great things about it but I heard something new from Ricoh is coming this year so I think I’ll wait

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    I love mine, it’s all the digital camera you’ll ever need. Throw an external viewfinder in the hot shoe and shit gets really fun. There’s really nothing else out there in digital land that can compare, straight up meat and potatoes. Get one!!

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    yep, when i do i will post some pics!

    you guys got any pics you wanna share from this camera?

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    I’d say do not to cop, but I am basing that on my experience with owning a GR1–which died after two years of ownership. As a camera, it’s butter, but I think you probably have a year or two tops worth of having a working camera. Ricoh made these with extremely cheap motors in them and they will eventually crap out on you. For the amount of money you gotta drop to get one, I’d say it’s worth looking elsewhere for a fire p&s at that price.

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    Ah damn, I thought you were talking about the film GR2, not the digi. My bad.

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    I just ordered my second gr. The first one has lasted me a couple years but is getting pretty dusty and has started to act a bit weird after I dropped it. This time I’m gonna throw the hood and filter combo on it and I’m hoping that’ll mitigate the dust issues. They clearly aren’t the most durable cameras but I fucking love everything else about them, it’s seriously my favorite camera of all time and I’ve been lucky enough to have some of the better ones. I’d probably sell my Leica kit and stock up if the Leica didn’t have sentimental value at this point. The way I see it getting a couple years out of it and not having to pay for film makes it pretty affordable at the end of the day. Also the tav setting when well set up is straight cheating for street photography.

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    I’ll add that I got a second one because a new one is supposedly in the pipeline and I really have no need for more megapixels or features of any kind really (besides some kinda weather sealed Rambo body which would be so sick).

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    I’ve had one for almost two years now and have probably taken somewhere in the vicinity of 50,000 photos with it. I really like the camera, and I agree with a lot that has already been said – that it would be great if there were other lens options, that it’s really the only game in town for this type of camera and that using an external VF with the screen off offers a different experience closer to that of a compact film camera.

    Initially I purchased the camera so I would stop using my iPhone because I found it frustrating that I’d shoot a lot of images I liked with my phone but they were totally useless for printing or sharing on a large screen. For daily shooting I also grew a little tired of it and I have relinquished it mostly to shooting the pigeons I feed outside my apartment windows, but it’s great for travel and I’m on vacation in Italy now and have been using it a lot and it’s reminded me that maybe I should take advantage of it more when I get home.

    Driving the camera takes a little getting used to. I think a lot of people who try to use the camera and get frustrated then give up simply didn’t have the camera dialed in the way they needed it. It will probably take you a week or more of real-world use and nights spent reading the manual to sort it out to your preferences. One of the first things I’d recommend is setting the camera to MF so that you don’t have any shutter delay and then using the AEL/AFL – CAF button on the back of the camera to enable AF when you need it. If you’ve ever shot a CONTAX G2 then you’ll be familiar with this procedure. Once you get everything going it’s like a hot knife through butter.

    Image quality is quite nice, as you’d expect from a 16MP sensor with no AA filter, but the colors can occasionally render in a boring way (typical digital issue) and sometimes there is less latitude to the files than you might expect. I can’t complain for a $600 camera.

    Mine does have a lot of dust on the sensor at this point and the grip is starting to peel off so when I get back home I’m planning on taking it apart to clean the sensor and then regaling the grip. I think the dust is unavoidable unless you try the stick-on filter which I have not used. The grip peeling I think has less to do with physical use and more to do with the fact that I normally leave the camera in direct sunlight by my window so it’s within an arm’s reach to shoot the birds when I feel like it so it’s typically baking for several hours a day lol.

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    awesome. ok im getting it

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      You’re gonna love it. Let us know how it goes :)

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    Did you get it Ray? I still use mine. Not every day, but I’m still in love.

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      no but my brother just moved to town and he has one and i just picked it up yesterday to borrow it for a week! i will report back

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