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    Got some bulk film that I loaded and want to go shot some film at night and at some concerts with on camera flash. I have never done it before. Most the time I use my point and shoot with the flash built in. Just wondering if anyone had some general settings they use? Still ok to shoot with flash at f11 or f16? If so what shutter speeds does everyone usually use?


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    Really depends on what you rate your film at / the flash you’re using. Every power output is going to be different depending on the flash. I’ve shot with my Nikon Sb-30 at 1/8th power and my camera at at 1/8th 1/15th and 1/30th at f 11 – f 16 depending on the venue with tri-x at 1600. My advice is to get in there, keep your aperture the same the entire time and just mess with shutter speeds then try to remember what you shot them at after processing. Make a contact sheet of the roll and compare the results so you know what you’re looking for at the next show.

    Maybe just shoot one roll and bracket – shoot 3 (or more) photos in a row for each shutter speed you try starting slow and getting faster as you go. It will make it easier to see the zone you gotta be in when looking at the contact.

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    yep, every flash unit is different. usually takes at least a few rolls to get it down. hand held meter with flash setting would help. but experimentation is the best.

    i had a vivitar starting out and then various nikon strobes. i always went full blast/ full power. tmax 400, f11, and played with shutter speed.

    when shooting flash, the shutter speed controls the background/ambient exposure. sometimes i dont want to much busy background, sometimes i do.

    but i always want it crispy, so i stay at f11 or f16.

    i think the modern day vibe is to light something “naturally” and make it look like there was no flash. and modern equipment seems geared toward this. but i like the old style where it was like blast the whole room and light up every section of your frame.

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    Any luck with this Royce?

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    Shot a roll and will be developing this weekend. Can’t wait to see the results! Thanks so much to everyone who gave me some tips.

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    nice let us know how they come out

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    Shot a roll but definitely didn’t get the results I was looking for. lol WIll shoot another roll and test it out this week. Did have one that turned out ok. This was shot with a Nikon sb-15 sppedlite on an F3 with Kentmere pushed to 1600. F16 @ 1/250. Like the results.

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    cool looks like its well exposed. SB15 is nice.

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    yep, awesome. and thanks for reminding me how to post photos using a url!

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    Happy I could help. Actually didn’t know it posted the photo until I checked later. Thought it would still be the flickr url. Haha

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