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    I was given an M3 from a photographer that lives near me and I’m trying to decide if i should go the route of having an external finder or a goggled lens for shooting 35mm. Anyone have experience with either of these?

    I was going to save up for an M2 but I want his camera to live on so I’m gonna make what I’ve got work.

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    i dont have leica stuff but i always thought the goggles were cool as shit. so my vote goes that way. or shoot 50mm.

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    Yeah the goggles seem like they would be cool and some what original. I don’t see anyone shooting an m3 with goggles in NY or ever anywhere. External finder helps me keep the lens I’ve already got but I should eventually get an entire Leica kit. I bet the ghost of Oskar Barnack doesn’t like to see any other glass on a Leica anyways.

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    ha yep as well as most leica users i know

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    ended up finding an old 1940’s thread mount summaron 3.5 that was just CLA’d for $300 bucks.

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    personally I think the googles make the M3 even heavier than it already is. Looks cool and the finder is really nice so it works really nice. Its also good when you wanna use flash and need the hotshoe.

    still the weight and the bulkyness puts me of so I vote for the external.

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