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    Royce Stevenson

    I find I have moments of being very prolific. Shooting getting in 5-10 rolls a week for a month or two. The. Might go a couple weeks without taking a photograph. Just wondering if anyone else has those creative peaks and valleys when photographing.

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    I rarely ever feel prolific, but I do my best to stay regular. The minimum I keep myself to is at least 1 roll a week, either 35mm or 120. If i miss a week, gets tacked onto the next week. This generally turns out to be mostly weekend shooting for me, but during summer daylight hours I may take some time after work if I can get my ass in gear. But 100% yes I experience those peaks and valleys when shooting! Plenty of self-doubt and asking myself why I’m going out shooting again. Don’t always have a good answer, but the compulsion kicks when I stray too long. And I think it’s healthy to have those moments of rest too! You can’t always force the spark, but you do your best just to do the work.

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    I definitely have peaks and valleys but they are mostly longer periods it usually goes that I shoot for 2 or 3 years carrying a camera with me every where, although I rarely shoot more than a roll or 2 in a month for cost reasons, then have a year where I don’t even remember I have a camera and then pick it all back up again out of the blue. But I agree you can’t really force it you just have to ride the wave when its there and relax when the inspiration is lacking.

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    I try to get out 2-3 days a week if not more. Usually 2 or 3 weekdays for an hour or two (in the summer) and 3-4 hours on Saturday. I definitely have days Where I’m not motivated to even look at my camera and I hate my photographs lol. I usually try and force myself through it though. Breaks are good though, especially if your shooting in the same area constantly. So to answer your question: I go through this constantly at least every other month. I think it’s normal?

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    Reuben Radding

    Pretty much every day, unless I’m sick. I don’t take breaks even when I feel discouraged or whatever.

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    when i lived in sf it was easy to get photos on any block. but now living in la, you are in a car most of the time so its harder to just go out and shoot. you gotta make a big effort and plan it sort of to find photos in different parts of town. (i kinda live in surburbia now) that “effort” is where my peaks and valleys are.

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    I spend time shooting every day regardless. There are definitely peaks and valleys in terms of inspiration which affects how many images I make. Some days at home I’ll walk 90 blocks for three hours and shoot nothing. Other times, like during travel, I shoot several hundred images in an afternoon. But over the last two years I’ve basically forced myself to show up every day and the results definitely come in – sometimes the craziest shit happens when you least care about shooting.

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    At least a few (3-4) times a week when things are good. Seems like I definitely have peaks and valleys when it comes to inspiration. I have been more inspired by people and streets lately but I live in Alaska so there aren’t a lot of people walking around like larger cities so I end up shooting a lot of landscapes because there is such an abundance here. But still, I always got at least a point and shoot on me because you never know…

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    Tim Daley

    I shoot whenever possible. Since I have had a full time job these past few years it has cut down my street shooting. I ride a bike to work so this year I started a new project photographing a Bike Lane project, shooting some film in my T4 but mostly digital. Weekends are mostly for photographing Hardcore/Punk shows in NYC and riding out to Coney Island where I wind up at some point during the weekend.
    I always have a camera with me between the T4 and my Mark 3 digital so usually not looking for something particular just whatever pops up, and something usually does. My main problem is shooting and not putting anything together, so I’m about 10yrs behind.

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    Clark Allen

    I’m in the same zone as Ray. I have a harder time shooting L.A. than anywhere I’ve ever been. When I lived in NOLA & SF I shot all the time because those cities are so dense and vibrant. Not that L.A. doesn’t have crazy shit happening in it pretty much constantly, but I feel like you have to focus you efforts more here and get to those spots. Economics plays a into it a lot too. I just straight up don’t have the money for as much film as I used to, so I’ve started really picking my moments with a lot more care which is cool for discipline purposes, but also a little bit of a bummer.

    I guess what I’m wondering though is if anyone else feels like they are better in certain places than they are in others? Or do you feel like each place has its own learning curve?

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    I agree with you when it comes to certain places being better than others. I think it all comes down to the vibe. Where I live in the Rust Belt region, it’s heavy industrial on the decline, and I’ve been spending years taking photos here, so I feel comfortable doing it. But when I’m in another area and out of my comfort zone, it takes a bit to adjust. Plus cities like Pittsburgh are moving towards heavy gentrification, so you really have to dig deep if you want to get a good picture. At least that’s my opinion.

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    Royce Stevenson

    Appreciate all the responses. Definitely keeping me motivated.

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    was in a major slump cuz I’m sitting on 130 rolls i can’t develop yet (waiting to do it myself at skool). decided to just start shooting my dslr instead of my phone all the time. i also have a dog care business in my home so i started promising professional photos of every dog for every day they come. so that forces me to get the camera out

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    i also started asking to take portraits of my friends when they are hanging out.

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