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    You guys ever use Google Photos? It’s free and might be a good place to keep photos for internetting. I know Flickr is changing up their service and def not free anymore.

    Here’s a direct link test:

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    Nevermind. Looks like while it can make a direct link to an image, you have to then convert that link on another site to make it embeddable. Too many steps.

    Easy free storage, and easy “sharing” but not easy linking and embedding.

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    yeah, same with Dropbox, which is what I use for insta/net sharing. I just made an ‘instagram’ export setting on my lightroom so its a one click solution that its on my phone/cloud in a matter of 7 seconds.

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    Yeah that’s a good idea. I use a saved action in Photoshop to resize for blog/insta. Then I use Google Drive to hold it for me. But I use Google Drive mostly for work stuff, so I was hoping that Google Photos would be the new one for personal stuff but not quite there yet.

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    I have been using Amazon Prime Photos as a back up to all the film I have been scanning and digital projects. If you have Prime already its unlimited photo storage. 15GB on video. I’m sure it will not stay unlimited forever but its a good off site backup for now.
    Not the best interface either.

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