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    A lot of my photographer homies have some pretty crazy found photo collections. How about you? I’ve definitely got some good ones but my favorites might be these photos of Seal I picked up off the sidewalk in Oakland. I was having a bad day and seeing him just looking super stoked on doing his thing really turned it around.

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    lol! good topic, i have a box of found photos somewhere, i will get to them


    Clark’s post reminded me that in a box of my negs I found a strip of 110 film I didn’t remember having, so I scanned it. On it was several frames from a Frank Zappa concert that I was never at. I have no idea who took these photos or how I got their negs. Anyway, here’s one of the shots.


    haha niiiiiice


    My buddy’s house was getting torn down and we found this disposable camera he used during the opening of his family’s 7-Eleven. This is his brother.






    in a library book


    Back when I first started taking photos, which were mostly pics of my friends and I getting wasted and rowdy, I would just get everything processed at Walgreens. Once they gave me the wrong negatives back and it was pretty much an entire role of this kid on a family vacation. There were like ten more shots of hime and he is posed exactly the same in every photo. I hope they didn’t get my film. It would definitely have been a bummer…

    3676582792_7fc575296f_b 3675788139_cb016d8089_b

    Pulled from a goodwill camera

    img_0170-2 img_0171-3

    SF, but I found the pic in the East Bay

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