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    I thought it might be a great idea to have a space where to put some links to online foto docs about all our favorite photographers and what not.

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    Daido Moriyama – Memories of a dog: Daido Moriyama’s Journey to Photography – 2009

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    William Eggleston – Imagine Documentary – 2011

    Part 1

    Part 2

    Part 3

    Part 4

    Part 5

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    Margit Erb – Director of Saul Leiter Foundation – 2016

    Lecture at School Of Visual Arts NYC

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    The Many Lives of William Klein (2012)

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    Raul Cañibano – Cuban Photographer (amazing 28mm only photographer)

    Very little of him can be found over the net, however here are a couple of lectures from 2013 and 2015

    At Nordic Lights, Norway 2013 – Starts at around 3:30

    Lecture somewhere in California, March 2015 – starts at around 6:20

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    BBC Master Photographers Series – 1983

    Jaques-Henri Lartigue

    Andre Kertesz

    Bill Brandt

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    Garry Winogrand

    Winogrand at Rice University

    Winogrand interview 1981

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    Trent Parke / Magnum – In-Public

    Dreamlives series 2002

    Interview 2014

    Black Rose Exhibition (2016) – TV Interview

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    Kodak – ‘How Film is Made’ – 1958

    Part 1

    Part 2

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    David Bradford – NY Taxi Driver Photographer

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    awesome, im gonna watch all of these today!

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      Hope you like em – I have a few more, but some of them have been taken down. so I have them on my hard drive (I recommend you try download any of these, while you can!)

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    Mark Cohen – extract from Contemporary Photographie in the USA documentary (1982)

    Mark Cohen – Dark Knees Exhibition (2014)

    ‘Shooting from the hip’ – short interview (2016)

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    Anders Petersen – fineArtPrint.Iv’s interview – 2013

    Exhibition at the VU’ Gallery – short interview

    Spain Workshop (2010) – shows Petersen thinking and editing others work

    Part 1

    Part 2

    Veins Exhibition (2015) – Russia

    Anders Petersen talking about his approach and shooting in Turkey – 2012

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      Anders Petersen talks about his work and anecdotes behind his pictures – Gent – Belgium (2012)

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    Bernard Plossu interview in Spain (2013) – English subs

    Plossu exhibition showcase in Italy (2015) – French only (italian subs), no english subs :(

    Short interview (2013) – Spanish only, no english subs :( but shows his work

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    Awesome ones

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    damn. got my next couple days of free time sorted. thanks man!

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    this doc about Bill Cunningham is full of fucking joy. Start to finish. It’s not on youtube unfortunately. It may be on Netflix. I’ve seen it 4 or 5 times because its just so sweet. I really admire what his work ethic was. I’m lazy as fuck and lust for that go go go all day everyday. If fashion ain’t your thing (its not mine) it’s still a rad doc. 95% about Bill. I’m also down with cheap coffee and a egg bagel every single morning.


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    haven’t seen this one yet, but i have heard so many things

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    Dang, these will keep me busy for a while. Thanks!

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    Good one on Robert Frank

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    ahh yessss love that R.Frank doco! thanks for sharing!

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    I also have Robert Frank – ´Don’t Blink’ but there’s no link to a youtube or vimeo vid. It’s on itunes tho

    worth it if you love the man!

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    I really like this series – all about design, there’s a good photography one in there on Platon.

    Abstract: The Art of Design.

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    Magnum Photos – “The Changing Of The Myth” (1999)

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    Anybody know when the Garry Winogrand -All Things Are Photographible documentary available to buy or download?

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      @Royce – I worked on that Winogrand film (did initial designs for it), and Sasha (Director) told me the movie is still being showed on film festivals around the globe (as a matter of fact they are showing it here in NZ this month) so I doubt it will be available online soon. Also, PBS bought the film so who knows when it will be available on DVD or Online… sorry I didnt really answer your question, but basically what im trying to say, is that my feeling is, it wont be ‘soon’…

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    I think this one might be helpful

    & this site provides a lot of studies about dynamic symmetry for free

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    two great interviews

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      Well I don’t know how to embed videos or delete a post so just look it up on YouTube if you’re interested!

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    Actually that told me a lot! I know it will be worth the wait. I bet working on it was a blast. Got so film festivals here in Kansas around October so hopefully it will come here.

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    A conversation with Saul Leiter – School of visual arts, NYC (2013)

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    Elliott Erwitt – Pittsburg 1950 (Jul, 2018)

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    ROBERT FRANK – ‘DON’T BLINK’ is one of my favourites, I have an mp4 of it if anyone wants it emailed to them (or can put it online) if you can’t buy it on iTunes or whatever. Also this thread is fucking amazing, thanks

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    Hey guys, I STRONGLY recommend trying to download some of these vids, as they usually get taken down after a while… which is sad…

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    missed this ‘classic’ by now! –

    Everybody Street – Cheryl Dunn (2013)

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    Jeff Mermelstein – Media Matters

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    real good talk by wolfgang tillmans

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    Just wanna say that I love this thread and this forum in general. It’s given me a big push to go and make more work.

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      awesome! glad you like. this is exactly what the forum is supposed to be about!

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    Here’s a two part interview with Nobuyoshi Araki. English subs

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    Victor Friedman – Hair Dresser street photographer (very little is known (in the digital world) about this kind gentleman)

    Ray- can you delete this same post as a reply to Alan please?!?!****

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      fixed that double post and wow this is awesome

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      Thanks Ray! – Yeah he looks quite interesting, sadly can’t find much more on him or his work!

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      Victor Friedman one is amazing

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    Hey guys,

    I was a bit skeptical about Victor Friedman’s website I found on google, but at closer inspection it certainly his stuff.

    check it out >

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    little John Divola appreciation post:

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    hey guys, found this Joel Meyerowitz doco, I believe this might be part of a series done back in 1981 or something, which included Winogrand and Mark Cohen too, it’s on vimeo on demand now if you fancy –

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    If you guys like hardcore social documentary photography, Brazilian Sebastião Salgado is simply amazing

    Sebastião Salgado – The Spectre of Hope / 2002

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    Elliot Erwitt – Personal Best (narrated by Erwitt himself).

    “I studied photography by reading the instructions on the box.” – E.E.

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    Check out

    W. Eugene Smith
    Jazz Loft
    Just watched it and it’s a must see!!!

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    Jules Allen is a really great NYC photographer that a lot of people don’t talk about. Here’s a great lecture/slide show with him:

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    The legend talks it down:

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    Not exactly docs, but little promotional videos by Ken Schles about his Steidl books from a few years back:

    Invisible City

    Night Walk

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    Reuben Radding—-good call on Jules Allen, really enjoy his work.

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