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    Hi gang, doing some market research here and could use your opinion. We are getting a lot of good submissions and I can’t put out issues of H.E. fast enough. So, I wanna start doing photographer features on the website.

    Usually, the website is a “best of” stuff we already published in the past. But I think I’m gonna do a flip flop where the zine will be a “best of” this website. At least try it out for a while.

    Anyways, the easiest way is to do a fill out form as you may have seen on our site before.






    My question to you is, as a viewer, do you want more items on this fill out form? or, can you think of another easy way you want to see featured photographers everyday?

    I am saying “easy” because imagine there are 100 photographers you want to feature and imagine they each have around 50 photos. I will probs edit it down to 7 photos per photog, so we can save some surprises for the zine.

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    I think 5 questions is good. Short and sweet. You could always feature a single photographer on IG as well. 5 photos 5 questions 5 answers. Best of zine sounds rad. You could always go back to the old school format and do like a bunch of random images from diff photogs in the front and then have 1 or 2 “best of” featured photo sets in the back? I always liked that (not that i don’t dig the format now, Its great). Keep killin it.

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      Yeah, I miss the mixed sections too. Adding these features to the site will make it 10 times easier to edit for that.

      And good idea with the IG, didnt think about features there. I will try that for sure.

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    I really like when you do the features. I would like to read more with the them, but I do get the short-and-sweet-off-the-cuff-style too. Either works. Unique broad questions that would get interesting answers would be rad. Hearing people talk about the inspiration behind their project gets old after awhile.

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      I agree, that’s why I didn’t want too many questions because some guys have too much too say about their “art”.

      I did think of some random ones though.




      Lol. See, I could go forever which is why I brought up this topic. But short and sweet I think is the way.

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    Maybe for each one, I add 2 random questions. 7 questions, 7 photos. Yeah?

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    That sounds sick. I’m looking forward to checking them out.

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