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    So I have been screwing up major lately! 3 weeks ago had shot a roll and without thinking, pulled out another roll to load and opened up the back of the camera…. That is right. I totally forgot to rewind the film. So much for that roll. Earlier today I was processing some bw film. Had a total brain fart and measure out 500 ml instead of 50 fluid ounces for a 5 reel tank. Opened it when it was done and realized what had happened when I pulled out the first 3 rolls and the film had nothing on it. Blah! So wondering everyones biggest failures and blunders. Luckily, this was the first time this has happened to me in both cases. Hopefully the last. lol

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    I have had all kinds of blunders like this. I have been on a job before and opened the camera without rewinding the film first. While in front of art directors, producers, etc. LOL.

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    Damn, Ray, that’s rough

    Before I had a changing bag I loaded reels in my closet. I dropped something and bent down to pick it up. When I stood back up my head hit the light switch and turned the light on. I took the bulb out immediately after that. I would drop rolls on the ground all the time because my hands were all sweaty and shit. The closet was fucking tiny. Surprisingly nothing ever got scratched real bad. I was too cheap to spend the thirty bucks on a bag. Dumbass.

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    Man changing bags are such a pain in the ass anyways. Closet forever. I over measured the shit outta my developer the first time using a 5 reel tank. Still printed a bunch of them tho and it came out kinda cool.

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